Skaterink «Sokolniki» opens its doors

ice skatesBefore the winter season has even started in Russia, the skaterink «Sokolniki» park has already opened its doors to the first visitors.

Artificial ice, new tribunes, effective light installations , specially imported from France… is all part of the package…Every weekend there will be a party held.
It will also house three rental kiosk, where you can rent not only the skates but also skis and sledges, alluding to the imminent opening of the ski slopes and «The Горки».

Cost: 150 — 350roubles depending on the session.
Opening hours:
Rink: Tue- Wed 10.00-21.30 , Sat -Sun 10.00-01.30
Slide: Sat-Sun 11.00-21.50 , Mon -Fri 12.00-21.50

Contact details:Sokolniki Val , 1.
Sokolniki metro
+7(495) 268-54-30


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